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CCNA Route & Switch Syllabus

General Information


CCNA R&S course teaches learners how to install, operate, configure, and verify a basic IPv4 and IPv6 network, including configuring a LAN switch, configuring an IP router, identifying basic security threats, understanding redundant
topologies, troubleshooting common network issues, connecting to a WAN, configuring EIGRP and OSPF in both IPv4 and
IPv6, understanding wide-area network technologies, and getting familiar with device management and Cisco licensing.

Step Paper Required Exam :

  • *ICND -1 100-101
  • *ICND -2 200-101
  • CCNA version 2 (Composite) 200-120

Note: CCNA composite exam (200-120) includes ICND-1 and ICND-2. Candidates completing 200-120 need not do 100-101 or 200-101.

Course Deliverables

Classroom Training

Instructor led classroom training will be given. All classes are demonstration based. We don’t teach just theory. We teach every concept using real-time case studies. All our classrooms are digital classrooms.


Students can practice all the concepts taught in classrooms at our Lab facility. Each student will be given individual setup to practice the lab. They need not combine and do labs. Our lab coordinators will help you when you are doing the labs. Contact CCNA Training In Bangalore Marathahalli.

Books and workbooks

Students will be a given textbooks and workbooks for the course.

Course Toipics (CCNA 200-120)

Heading Topic

Operation of IP Data

Operation of IP Data Networks
Recognize the purpose and functions of various network devices such as Routers, Switches, Bridges and Hubs.
Select the components required to meet a given network specification.
Identify common applications and their impact on the network
Describe the purpose and basic operation of the protocols in the OSI and TCP/IP models.
Predict the data flow between two hosts across a network.
Identify the appropriate media, cables, ports, and connectors to connect Cisco network devices to other network devices and hosts in a LAN

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Heading Topic

LAN Switching

Determine the technology and media access control method for Ethernet networks Identify basic switching concepts and the operation of Cisco switches.
Configure and verify initial switch configuration including remote access management.
Verify network status and switch operation using basic utilities such as ping, telnet and ssh.
Identify enhanced switching technologies
Describe how VLANs create logically separate networks and the need for routing between them.
Configure and verify VLANs
Configure and verify trunking on Cisco switches
Configure and verify PVSTP operation

Heading Topic

IP addressing (IPv4 /IPv6)

Describe the operation and necessity of using private and public IP addresses for IPv4 addressing
Identify the appropriate IPv6 addressing scheme to satisfy addressing requirements in a LAN/ WAN environment.
Identify the appropriate IPv4 addressing scheme using VLSM and summarization to satisfy addressing requirements in a LAN/WAN environment.
Describe the technological requirements for running IPv6 in conjunction with IPv4 such as dual stack
Describe IPv6 addresses

Heading Topic

IP Routing Technologies

Describe basic routing concepts
Describe the boot process of Cisco IOS routers
Configure and verify utilizing the CLI to set basic Router configuration
Configure and verify operation status of a device interface, both serial and ethernet
Verify router configuration and network connectivity
Configure and verify routing configuration for a static or default route given specific routing requirements
Manage Cisco IOS Files
Configure and verify EIGRP (single AS)
Configure and verify interVLAN routing (Router on a stick)
Configure SVI interfaces

Heading Topic

Network Device

Configure and verify network device security features
Configure and verify Switch Port Security features
Configure and verify ACLs to filter network traffic
Configure and verify an ACLs to limit telnet and SSH access to the router

Heading Topic

WAN Technologies

Identify different WAN Technologies
CCoonnffiigguurree aanndd vveerriiffyy aa bPaPsPi cc oWnAnNe csteiorina lb ceotnwneeecnt iCoinsco routers
Configure and verify Frame Relay on Cisco routers
Implement and troubleshoot PPPoE

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