Selenium Using Python

Selenium Using Python

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Selenium Using Python                                                                                                                                  

  • What is Automation Testing?                                                                        
  • When we need Automation
  • Automation tools(different types and usage)     


  • Python introduction
  • PIP
  • Installing Pycharm, Pydev, Anaconda, Python (core)

Python datatypes

  • Integer, String
  • List
  • Tuple
  • Set
  • Dictionary
  • Conditions (if, simple if, chained conditions etc)
  • Loops (while, for loop)


  • Len, capitalize, swapcase, ljust, rjust, center, lstrip, rstrip, strip
  • Find, replace,zfill, range, isalnum, isalpha, isspace etc.,


 Working with user defined functions

  •  Parameters passing(actual arguments, formal arguments)
  •  Returning values.


  • Names and Objects
  • Inheritance (super)
  • Python Standard Libraries (math, numpy, pandas)
  • Modules
  • __init__()
  • __del__()
  • __self__()
  • Stacks and queues


  • Selenium History, Components.                                                     
  • Selenium web-Driver      
  • Configuring selenium with Python(pydev / pycharm)                                                            
  • Selenium Interactions with Browsers                                            
  • Browser Open and Close commands                       
  • Browser Navigation commands        
  • Selenium Interaction with WebElements                                     
  • Implicit, Explicit, Fluent wait
  • Locators(id, name, css, xpath xpath, Link Text etc)
  • Working with Fire bug, Fire Path Chrome                  
  • Selenium Web Tables and & adv Events`                                            
  • Working with Screenshots.
  • Actions, Alerts, Mouse events, Context Menu Events.
  • Implicit wait, Explicit wait, Fluent wait
  • Working with multiple windows.        
  • Synchronization, Drag and Drop
  • JENKINS     
  • Working with Links & Tables
  • POM (Page Object Model)   
  • Introduction to PyTest framework
  • Installing PyTest
  • PyTest Fixtures
  • Running multiple tests using PyTest
  • Generating Test report
  • Simple project