Soft Skills

Soft Skill Marketing Training in Bangalore Marathahalli & BTM Layout

We are providing Best Soft Skill Media Marketing Training in Bangalore Marathahalli. Highly Talented Professionals to deliver Standard Soft Skill Training across Bangalore. Our Trainers pattern of Soft Skill Marketing Training syllabus is very different and based on current requirements from the industry. This enables them to be an Industry Professional, capable of handling real-world scenarios.

Life SkillsHrsOne-on-OneCharges
Interpersonal skills12Y
Active Listening4Y3000
Time Management4Y3000
Stress Management4Y3000
Attitude Building4Y3000
Decision Making skills8
Confidence Building4Y3000
Goal Setting4Y3000
Personal GroomingHrsOne-on-OneCharges
Personal Etiquette8Y6000
Body Language8Y6000
Image building12Y
Soft SkillsHrsOne-on-OneCharges
Effective Communication Skills12Y
Written Communication4Y3000
Understanding Body Language8Y6000
Presentation Skills12Y
Public Speaking Skills8Y6000
Leadership development program12
Coaching & Mentoring12Y
Facing Interviews4Y3000
Group Discussions4


(Max Group Size = 10, Min Group Size = 6)

Life SkillsHrsGroupCharges
Interpersonal skills12Y15000
Active Listening4Y6000
Time Management4Y6000
Stress Management4Y6000
Attitude Building4Y6000
Decision Making skills8Y10000
Confidence Building4Y6000
Goal Setting4Y6000
Personal GroomingHrsGroupCharges
Personal Etiquette8Y10000
Body Language8Y10000
Image building*12Y18000
Soft SkillsHrsGroupCharges
Effective Communication Skills12Y15000
Written Communication4Y6000
Understanding Body Language8Y10000
Presentation Skills12Y15000
Public Speaking Skills8Y10000
Leadership development program*20Y21000
Coaching & Mentoring12Y15000
Facing Interviews4Y600
Group Discussions4Y600