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Best Spark Training in Bangalore

Spark is a fastest growing library and framework that enables advanced data analytics with its open source cluster computing system. It is productive and faster than the typical MapReduce based analysis. Apache Spark, growing technology in today’s world, comes with the concurrence of programming languages like java, python, scala and others. The most popular companies like Alibaba, Amazon, Yahoo and eBay invested in spark. Spark supports Java in addition to full labs in Scala and Python. We are a brand in providing Spark Training in Bangalore and assist students from training till placement.

More About Our Spark Training in Bangalore:

Apache Spark provides programmers with an application programming interface centred on a data structure called the resilient distributed dataset (RDD), a read-only multiset of data items distributed over a cluster of machines, that is maintained in a fault-tolerant way. Our Spark training in Bangalore will also give you a basic understanding of Big data and Parallel computing. Spark was developed in response to limitations in the MapReduce cluster computing paradigm, which forces a particular linear dataflow structure on distributed programs.

Why Should You Learn Spark?

There are many Spark training Institutes in Bangalorebut most of them focus on theoretical aspects of training more than the practical stuff. We, at Databytes Software Training, follow the current industry standards while training and provide the best spark training in Bangalore. We have a team of expert instructors having more than 5 years of experience in Apache Spark. So, Students will also be able to know about the real-life scenarios of Spark.

Who Should take this Course?

Spark training opens ways to various fields like Big Data and Parallel computing. We can say it’s a building block of these future-oriented courses. There are no limitations for those who want to learn Spark technology. Data bytes Software Training offers best Spark training in Bangalore with an option to choose your desired time and batch.

These people can go for this course:

  1. Software Engineers
  2. Data Engineers
  3. Graduates
  4. Job Seekers
  5. Aspiring Students

Course Content:

best spark training in bangalore

  • Spark Overview LECTURE
  • Spark Opportunity and Solution
  • Capabilities and Ecosystem
  • Spark Components vs Hadoop HANDS-ON
  • Databricks Lab Environment
  • Working with Notebooks
  • Spark Clusters and Files MODULE 2 RDD Fundamentals LECTURE
  • Purpose and Structure of RDDs
  • Transformations, Actions, and DAG
  • RDD programming API HANDS-ON
  • Creating RDDs from Data Files
  • Reshaping Data to Add Structure
  • Interactive Queries Using RDDs MODULE 3 Spark SQL / Dataframes LECTURE
  • Spark SQL and DataFrame Uses
  • DataFrame / SQL APIs
  • Catalyst Query Optimization HANDS-ON
  • Creating DataFrames
  • Query with DataFrame API and SQL
  • Caching and Re-using DataFrames
  • Generating Graphics and Reports MODULE 4 Spark Job Execution LECTURE
  • Jobs, Stages, and Tasks
  • Partitions and Shuffles
  • Data Locality
  • Job Performance HANDS-ON
  • Visualizing DAG Execution
  • Observing Task Scheduling
  • Understanding Performance
  • Measuring Memory Usage MODULE 5 Clustering Architecture LECTURE Cluster Managers for Spark: Spark Standalone, YARN, and Mesos
  • Understanding Spark on YARN HANDS-ON
  • Tracking Jobs through the Cluster UI
  • Understanding Deploy Modes
  • Specifying Executors, Cores, Memory MODULE 6 Spark Streaming LECTURE
  • Streaming Sources and Tasks
  • DStream APIs and Stateful Streams
  • Reliability and Fault Recovery HANDS-ON
  • Creating DStreams from Sources
  • Operating on DStream Data
  • Viewing Streaming Jobs in the Web UI MODULE 7 Machine Learning LECTURE
  • Basic Principles of Machine Learning
  • Spark ML API Patterns
  • Built-in Featurizing and Algorithm APIs LECTURE
  • Featurizing and Learning with RDDs
  • ML Using Pipelines and DataFrames

How to Apply For Our Best Spark Training in Bangalore?

Our trainers always start teaching with basics and then move to advance stuff. In this way, Students have a clear understanding of every concept. Our best Spark training in Bangalore will also teach you concepts related to spark shell, spark labs and spark API. So, If you are someone who always looks for quality training rather than anything else, Book a FREE DEMO CLASS Now.

For any other query or feedback, please feel free to contact us.

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