UI/UX Training In Bangalore Marathahalli & BTM Layout

Databytes provides Real Time UI/UX Training in Bangalore. We have designed our UI/UX course content and syllabus based on students Interest to gain the Knowledge and became a Master in UI/UX and Databytes Software Training is listed as one of the Best UI/UX Training Institutes in Marathahalli. This enables them to became Industry-Ready Professional with our UI/UX Training in Bangalore Marathahalli.


  • What is web how it works?
  • What is UI Development?
  • Basic overview of application architecture
  • Key elements and technologies in UI Development

UXD Overview:

  • Strategy
  • Scope
  • Structure
  • Skeleton
  • Surface
  • Misc(Wireframe, Information Arc, Interaction Design, Accessibility, Usability etc)

Html/Html 5 Elements:

What is html?

  • What is tags and elements
  • What is attributes

Purpose of html

Html Document anatomy

Html Validation

More about Doctypes

Html Document Head

  • Title
  • Meta tag
  • Charset
  • Style tag
  • Script tag
  • Link tag
  • Base tag
  • Complete overview of head

Html Body

    • Content types/ Data types
    • What is Semantic?
    • Block vs Inline elements
    • Text format

Display different type of text content

Header tags

White spaces

Formatting etc

Html entities


  • Anchor tags
  • Target, title attributes
  • Relative vs Absolute
  • Id links and External id links
  • Access Keys ………

Html Lists

  • Unordered list
  • Ordered list
  • Definition list
  • Nested list


  • Table structure
  • Semantic Table structure
  • Rows – Columns
  • Col Span
  • Row Span
  • Cell padding, Cell spacing
  • Borders and formatting table

Images and objects

    • Embedding images
    • Working with Transparent images
    • Embedding Video audio

Object tag with params

Html5 video audio embedding system

Browser compatibility issues and how to over come

Html forms

  • Form tag
  • Input types
  • Accessible forms

URL Encoding

Layouts and semantic html layout structure

Usability & Accessibility standards

Creating pure html template

Conditional statements

Improve Performance

HTML 4 vs HTML 5


    • What is css?
    • Types of css
    • Syntax
    • Selectors
    • Colours
    • Lengths & Percentages
    • Formatting html elements
    • Css box model
    • Grouping
    • Nesting
    • Pseudo classes and elements
    • Floats
    • Display property
    • Positions
    • Layers
    • Background images
    • Shorthand properties
    • Css specificity
    • Css 3 new features

Rounded corners


Embedding fonts


Miscellaneous other features


  • Fixed layouts
  • Fluid Layouts
  • RWD
  • UCD
  • Discussing other layout types

Working with project

Embedding Fonts

Media queries


  • What is RWD
  • RWD View ports
  • RWD Videos/Images
  • Working with RWD project with core technologies
  • RWD Frameworks Overview

Improving Performance

Optimizing css

Css Browser Hacks

Compatibility issues and how to solve

Bootstrap RWD Framework:

What is bootstrap?

Exploring bootstrap

  • Layout system
  • Grid system
  • Components
  • Exploring all other features

Creating Project with bootstrap


  • What is Dom?
  • Working with dom?
  • Dom structure
  • Traversing Dom
  • Working on CRUD with DOM


Data types

  • Numbers
  • Strings
  • Boolean
  • Undefined
  • Null
  • Arrays
  • Objects




  • Arithmetic operators
  • Comparison operators
  • Logical operators
  • Assignment operators
  • Conditional operator

Conditional Statements:

  • If , if else, if else if
  • Switch


  • While loop
  • Do while loop
  • For loop (Advance concepts how to optimize)
  • For in loop (will be discussed in objects)


Defining function

  • Types of defining functions and types of calling functions
  • Function statements

Working parameters

  • Passing params to functions
  • Working with ‘N’ number of params
  • Special Arguments array

Return statements

Anonymous functions

Nested functions

Function that return functions

Self-invoking functions

Literal functions


Lexical scope


Closures in Loop

Objects /Prototype & patterns (Object oriented javascript)

    • What is objects?
    • Defining Objects?
    • Properties and methods
    • Inheritance
    • Prototype
    • Js patterns

Singleton pattern

Constructor pattern

Discussing about other patterns

  • Linking objects with another object
  • Accessing other object properties and methods
  • Data Structures
  • Application Data Structures
  • Looking into other frame works (special topic)


  • Defining arrays
  • Exploring arrays properties
  • Exploring array methods
  • Working with multi-dimensional arrays
  • Looping array data
  • More Advanced concepts in Arrays and array methods

Javascript Built in Functions and objects

  • String
  • Date
  • Math
  • Regex . . .
  • BOM, DOM, Window,


    • Exploring event types
    • Binding events
    • Optimal way of attaching events
    • Event Phases




  • Event Delegation
  • Prevent Default
  • Stop propagation
  • Stop immediate propagation
  • Exploring other event methods

Working with timeout functions

Ajax with Core javascript

Form handling with javascript

Working with Core javascript project


Error Handling


JS Miscellaneous



    • What is JQeury?
    • Embedding JQuery to html documents
    • Jquery Selectors
    • JqueryCss
    • Jquery Dimensions
    • Manipulation
    • Traversing
    • Jquery Events
    • Jquery Effects
    • Ajax
    • Data manipulation from Dynamic sources
    • Services


SOAP overview

  • Form Validation
  • Project With JQuery
  • Plugins
  • Exploring Jquery UI

Angular Js:

  • What is Angular Js?
  • Exploring Angular Features
  • What is MVC Architecture?
  • Angular MV* Structure
  • Directives
  • Expressions
  • Controllers
  • Filters
  • Other DOM Activities with Angular
  • Components
  • Angular Module
  • Ajax
  • Angular modules overview
  • Angular Project modular based with latest APP architecture.
  • Varies App structure overview

Node js:

  • Node Js Fundamentals
  • Application Environment setup with Node , Bower etc


  • Exploring HTML5 new features
  • GEO Location
  • Drag/Drop
  • Local Storage
  • App Cache
  • WEB Workers
  • SSE

SDLC Overview

Brief Knowledge about Agile Scrum Methodology

Miscellaneous Topics

  • How to overcome with Browser Compatibility issues
  • Quirk Mode overview
  • Events vs Browser support
  • Interview tips & tricks
  • Looking across APP Data
  • UI Future technologies